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Complete Turnkey Private Label Perfume Development & Production

Our full-service turnkey process can take you from concept to final product delivery. As your strategic perfume partner, we will manage every aspect of your product’s development and production...
 Fragrance Design and Formulation
 Bottle Design & Manufacturing
 Packaging Design & Printing
 Full Production, Filling, Packing
 Marketing Sample Support
 Ecommerce Consumer Fulfillment
. . . with you in the driver's seat.

Developing and producing a private label perfume involves many steps and many areas of expertise. If any are left out, you end up with an incomplete product. Most perfume companies will outsource critical steps to other vendors. When something goes wrong, the finger pointing usually begins and you are left in the cold.

Gynex Fragrances employs our comprehensive product development and production process that addresses all of the important areas to ensure a professional perfume product of the highest quality. We think of all the details so you don‘t have to.

From fragrance maceration to packaging design, our in-house capabilities and project management makes sure all of the bases are covered. On time and on budget.

Whether you already have several perfumes in your brand or are ready to develop and launch your first perfume, Gynex Fragrances can be your strategic partner for success.

Our process is very comprehensive and professional – NOT the 3 simple steps other companies use. Ours is designed to produce a professional and unique perfume for you and starts with a no-cost phone consultation.
Costs vary by the fragrance ingredients, bottle type and packaging features you choose and the quantity you need. We will design and produce all of your perfume products based on your COG budget and your quantity needs. No suprises, no cost overruns.
From fragrance approval to delivery of finished product usually takes 60 - 90 days but it can go much quicker.
We don’t rush anything at the expense of quality.
The typical minimum order is 1,000 units. Premium bottles and premium packaging require higher minimums. Many factors determine the minimum that would apply to you. We can help you maximize your minimum requirement across multiple products.
Many people who develop a perfume line with other companies are disappointed with the outcome because they did not know the right questions to ask. To ensure success, learn the Top Five Questions you should be asking.
You have questions and we have the answers for you. Check out the most frequent questions we get from our new clients. Or give us a call to talk about it.

A Full Range of Custom Features

You decide which of our professional features you want for your perfume.

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    Beautiful Custom Bottles

    Designed and manufactured just for you
  • Custom Perfume Packaging - Image Loading

    Custom Premium Packaging

    The perfect stage for your perfume
  • Premium Keepsake Boxes - Image Loading

    Premium Keepsake Boxes

    In a luxurious bed of satin
  • Custom Rollerball Perfumes - Image Loading

    Rollerball Perfumes

    Just one or a coordinated set
  • Economy Perfume Bottles - Image Loading

    Economy Bottles

    That don´t look economy
  • Custom Perfume Sampling - Image Loading

    Custom Perfume Sampling

    In many professional styles
  • Perfume Bottle Adornments - Image Loading

    Bottle Adornments

    Bows, Ribbons, Charms and more
  • Custom Packaged Sets - Image Loading

    Custom Packaged Sets

    Many elegant styles and sizes
  • Perfume Pen Sets - Image Loading

    Perfume Pen Sets

    Very trendy and popular
  • Perfume Bottle Silkscreen Decor - Image Loading

    Bottle Decor Printing

    Silkscreen, hot stamp, precious metals
  • Premium Bottles and Caps - Image Loading

    Premium Bottles and Caps

    Choose from thousands of combinations
  • Miniature Perfume Sprays - Image Loading

    Miniature Perfume Sprays

    Samples, Gift sets, Specialty Events
  • Economy Perfume Packaging - Image Loading

    Economy Packaging

    Cost Effective and Customized For You
A Full Range of Capabilities

Supporting you from beginning to end

The Gynex Advantage

We are very different

There are many companies that develop private-label perfumes. Some are very large corporations that only give attention to those who need 100,000 bottles or more. Most are small operations acting as general contractors and simply outsource everything to other vendors and take responsibility for nothing.

And then there is us . . .
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Full Turnkey Production

From fragrance design, to bottles, to packaging, to full production, to consumer fulfillment, to marketing support, to world-wide shipping logistics. We do it all and assume full responsibility for everything.

World Class Expertise

With many decades of experience, our Master Perfumers combine their talents with our highly skilled technicians, designers, craftsmen and leadership team. Your vision is in very capable hands.

Individualized Client Support

We understand that most of our customers may have no experience developing a perfume product. Our personalized approach to client support and compassion ensures their success.

Marketing Support

We help you get your perfume out there with custom sampling solutions for every market type. Rollerballs, Scratch & Sniff cards, magazine inserts, mini-sprays, vial-on-a-card, and much more.

Low Minimums / Low Costs

Whether you are a multi-national company or just starting out with your first fragrance, we can produce the quantities you need at the lowest cost possible. From 1,000 to 100,000 bottles, we can deliver what you need.


To give your perfume an important competitive advantage, we step out of the box with innovative solutions like our time-released technology and human pheromone molecule infusion. Hang on to your seat!

- Our Creative Process

Gynex Fragrances Process